Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm pooped.

Thursday: broken arm/hospital/IV/meds/vomit
Friday: storms overnight/ hardly any sleep
Saturday: constantly reminding child to take it easy/ prop up that arm
Sunday: church/rain/ packing bags to go to storm shelter/ not making it to my brother's shelter before...tornado warning/bed at 3am
Monday: kids still get up at the buttcrack of dawn/mommy's up because I gotta feed them & they would otherwise destroy the house/no one naps/hubby goes to bed early...
Tuesday: child gets orange hard cast on broken arm/ baby girl doesn't want to go to bed
Wednesday: I'm pooped. I want a hot where a little boy or two doesn't decide he HAS to use the potty until I'm in there. He have another bathroom...why can't they ever go in there?...I want supper...but, I don't want to cook it. Lol.
Rant over. *sigh* feels better. Lol
P.s. I love my hubby! <3 He works hard so I can stay at home & tame the tornadoes we call our kiddos.


The Orange Cast has arrived...

Yesterday, "Rowdy" got a hard cast on his arm. He did well and we will go back in two weeks.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Broken Bones

This past Thursday, our oldest was running through the house, after being repeatedly told not to, and fell and broke both bones (radius/ulna) in his left forearm. Cue crazy screaming and me coming around the corner expecting see the red stuff. Nope. What I saw was an "s" shaped forearm right in my face.
I scooped him up and sat him on the couch, telling him not to touch or move his arm. FF to the hospital. Poor guy just wouldn't go to sleep with the meds, so they could straighten then bones back out. Took about 30-45 minutes and they finally had to double the dose and add morphine. He was finally sleeping. About 5 minutes later, his arm was all wrapped up in a temporary splint/soft cast. We ended up going home not much later but, not before he got his sucker and practically demanded to see his X-rays ("bone pictures" as he called them).
It was a stressful day but ended well. It could have been worse. He has been doing well so far. He has an appointment with the Bone Doc on Tuesday to get his hard cast. He immediately knew he wanted orange, of course!
Before this happened, I had never had or seen a broken bone before. Definitely an experience!
Here is everyone piled on our bed watching a show on dinosaurs.


Storms...they're on the way...again.

Friday night/Saturday morning we had a line of storms go through. They ended up just being some crazy lightning and rain.
Fast forward to tonight/tomorrow morning...storms that are a lot worse are being predicted. The worst we've seen since April 27th of last year. They are saying it shouldn't be *that* bad, but it isn't expected to be pretty by any means. Where we live is in the area of highest threat. J-O-Y. (not)...
We have flashlight and other things at the ready incase we need to hunker down in our interior hallway. And if the storms coming out of Mississippi are pretty bad and are already producing the swirly-vortexes-of-death, then we will be heading (early) to my brother's house about 5 minutes away. He has a storm shelter. Yay!

Dr. Greg Forbes Tor:Con Index can be found here.
NOAA website here.

Saying a prayer that everyone will be safe tonight and tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Homeschooling Blog

I have decided to start blogging about our homeschooling journey. We are half way through our first year of Kindergarten with our oldest. He's doing pretty well. You can find it here at Homeschooling in Al. ~April

Monday, January 16, 2012

True Blood Swap Package

I got my package! Finally! And it was worth the wait! Opened and saw the box was Stuffed full of goodies!
Everything out of the box.
Project bag, side one: lol
Side two: Eric Northman.
Fingerless gloves to cover up any Vamp bites.
Yummy smelling candle and Nips candy.
Nail files, polish, and earrings.
Socks book, size 0 dpns, and sock yarn!
Knitting roll to hold my needles.
Book: Would You Rather..the Dirty Version.
Knit Picks yarn and stitch markers.
Everything unwrapped.
Chocolate for the "Teacup Humans".


Food Storage

We have been thinking a lot about food storage lately. I would really like to get started with storing all kinds of foods as well as other items. From what I am seeing, it's best to start out small and work on a 3 month supply of everything. So, I have written down a list of meals we eat often and now I'm going to figure out how much of each items required will be enough to reach the 3 month goal. I have also gotten the dehydrator out and dehydrated apples and carrots so far. Baby girl loves the carrots. I'm debating whether to dry some bananas today. And soon I plan to make a whole bunch of deer jerky. Yummmmm!

Here are a list of sites that I have found to have lots of great info:
Food Storage Made Easy
Preparedness Pantry
Back Door Survival

There are MANY more. Just google "food storage".

A great book I would recommend is One Second After.