Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I just thought I'd share a few pins!

Source: via April on Pinterest


I am happy to announce that I have opened an Etsy shop! There isn't much on it yet, but I have already made my first sell. It was one of my football beanies! Yay!
As of now, you can purchase a Football Beanie or a Crocheted Purse (in your choice of two colors).
The football hat would be a great gift for the guy(s) in your life. I have a few family members that love to wear theirs to the local high school football game on Friday night. I can also do custom orders for smaller sizes.
The purse would be nice as well. I have it listed as "in your team colors", obviously I made the orange and white one for Tennessee Vols, but you can choose any two colors for your team. Or, just any colors in general that you happen to want!

So, please take a moment to check it out!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bristol Talladega is growing up!

Here she is when we first met her. This was two days before the severe tornado outbreak on April 27.
This is her July 4th.
She is around 10 months now, and has grown so much. She is very sweet and playful. Being a border collie, she instinctively chases our two boys and tries to herd them back into the yard. She is a mess, but we love her...especially our youngest who squeals with delight when she sees Bristol.
I promise to update with a more recent photo, once my new cell phone arrives. The old one "met the true death" yesterday at almost two years old. Lol. (Anyone catch the True Blood reference? Love that show)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TrueBlood Swap on Rav

I am participating in a swap on Ravelry in the TrueBlood group. I haven't received my package yet, but I thought I would show you some pictures of what I sent my spoilee.
Here is what she saw when she opened the box.
This is all the little goodies she got to open!
A note from me explaining what the theme of my package was: "Pick Me: Eric vs. Alcide" (she likes them both, so I had Eric & Alcide to kind of plead their cases to win her over...)
These are the goodies from Eric: bracelet, stitch markers, yarn, chocolate candle, do not disturb sign, washcloth & body wash. And a note from Pam to help convince her to pick Eric.
Here are the goodies from Alcide: a cowl, starburst, socks, hot chocolate, sewing tin, dishcloth, earrings, stitch markers, & vanilla candle.
She has a yorkie, so Sam Merlotte's threw in a new hand knit dog toy:
The back on the TB project bag:
Side view:
A hand drawn pic from me. And a keychain with a blood drop and a claw to represent Eric & Alcide.
A few pix of Joe Manganiello (Alcide) and some paper dolls ;-) as well as a few crocheted hearts I threw into the box.
The best part is that she loved everything! Yay! I cannot wait until the next swap!
I've had so much fun...just waiting on my swap package to arrive and see all the goodies I get!