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I had originally made three posts to describe how to sign up, earn, and redeem SwagBucks...However, blogger seems to have eaten the posts!
So, I am just going to re-write everything here in one place. (From scratch, boo!)
FYI: SB=SwagBucks

Here is my link to Sign Up! New members are automatically awarded with 30SBs.

What are Swag Bucks?
-Swag Bucks are the web's premier digital dollar. Accumulate at your own pace and redeem them for exclusive Swagbucks.com prizes like Amazon, Starbucks and Lowes gift cards. Among many other items!
-Swagbucks.com operates a rewards network which offers multiple ways to earn virtual currency called Swag Bucks.
-Earn at your own pace and then redeem your Swag Bucks for free reward items in the Swag Store.
How do I win Swag Bucks?
There are LOTS of ways! I will list and explain them below.
Three Daily Activities for guaranteed SBs.
They have recently added the Daily Checklist to the homepage.
1. NOSO- Click through all the offers (click "skip" or "see next offer"). You DO NOT have to fill out any of the info. At the end you will enter a few words in a box to earn 2SB.
2. Daily Poll- Click the link, pick your answer, then submit it for 1SB.
3. Toolbar- You will earn 1SB for having/using the toolbar each day. Be sure to download the toolbar!
Other Ways to Earn Swag Bucks
-You can win anywhere from 7-50SB from searching (like you would with Google). Most people win SBs 2-3 times a day. I won 26 earlier this morning from searching!
Trusted Surveys
-These are not guaranteed. You may or may not qualify for the survey. I am about 50/50 on qualifying.
-These surveys can earn you anywhere from 10-250+SBs.
SBTV(SwagBucks TV)
-With SBTV, you watch videos! There are lots of different types you can choose from.
How it works:
-Swag Bucks are awarded when your SBTV meter fills up to 100%.
-Each time you watch a video your meter will go up 10%, once you hit 100% you will
automatically be rewarded with 3 Swag Bucks!
-This can be accomplished 25 times per day for a total of 75SBs.
The trick: you dont have to watch the whole video! Just click on the next video when the SBTV meter at the top of the page goes up by 10%.
-I dont usually do these. They take a while and its not worth my time to do them. However, if you are bored and have 30minutes of free time, then try them out.
-Lots of different games to play! Check them out.
-These are through Coupons.com. For every coupon you print and redeem, you will earn 10SB. They can take 6weeks to show up in your account. So, use them often and you will have a steady income of SBs.
Daily Deals
-These are certain items that are the deals of the day. They are usually on sale for cheaper than normal. I have done a few of these without problem.
Special Offers
-SO's are pretty easy. Some include watching a video for 1-3SB...Adding a game to your facebook...Checking out new car insurance...etc.
-It's up to you to do only the free ones, or paid ones.
-I have personally completed the Netflix offer. (1 Month Free Trial). I received around 1000SB for signing up. We liked it and have kept the account.
-There are a lot of free trial offers. The thing with these is that you have to remember to cancel the offer before the trial period ends.
-You can trade in old game consoles or old books for SB! It's easy.
-Just search for and choose the item you are trading in. Then, print the shipping label (free to ship it!) and send it off!
-It takes a bit of time to show in your SB account.
Shop & Earn- Earning exclusive prizes from Swagbucks.com is as easy as following this simple 3-step process.
 1. Sign up or login to your account.
 2. Select one of the partnering online retailers listed.
 3. Earn 2 Swag Buck for every dollar you spend!
-Use available coupons as an added savings on top of your Swag Bucks rewards.
-I have personally ordered Christmas gifts through this. I think I spent around $250..that means that I earned 500SB! Not bad! However, it takes about a month to show up in your SB account.

Even More Ways to Earn:
-This will be under "Tools" at the top of the page. Click "Invite and Earn".
-You can invite friends from Facebook, Twitter, etc. or from your email contacts.
-You can invite other members of your household as long as they have a separate account. Multiple accounts per person will be deactivated.
-With referrals you earn SB every time your referral wins when they perform searches.
-Referral searches earn you up to 1000SB!
-SB from referrals are only gotten from them doing searches.
Swag Codes
-Swag Codes are strings of alphanumeric text that you can apply for instant Swag Bucks.
-Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swag Bucks network.
-This includes, but is not limited to, Swagbucks.com; SB newsletter, any Swag Bucks powered Search&Win Site; the Official Swag Bucks blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter page, Flickr page; and affiliated partner sites.
-Swag Codes can be redeemed by entering the Codes into the Swag Codes box on your My Account page.
-Swag Codes are case sensitive - you must enter the Code exactly as you find it in order to snag the bonus Swag Buck(s).
-Swag Codes usually last only a few hours.
How often are Swag Codes made available?
-There is usually atleast ONE swag code per day. Some days, like on SB Birthday, where there are LOTS and can equal over 100SB in one day.

Other Items

-Under "Tools" then "Toolbar". You earn 1SB every day for using the toolbar.

-Place this on your blog. It is useful when finding Swag Codes.
-It can tell you what the Swag Code is or where to find the code: Twitter, Blog, Facebook, hidden in the description of a product in the Swag Store.
Redeeming Swagbucks
Swag Store
-The most popular item is definitely the $5 Amazon Gift Card. It costs 450SBs.
-You can only redeem 2 of the same item per day.
(Example: You have 1350 SB, you spend 900 on two $5 Amazon gift cards. That's all you can get for the day. Tomorrow, you could snag another gift card with the remaining SBs.)
-You can only redeem 5 of any one kind of item per month.
(Example: I have gotten 5 of the $5 Amazon gc's this month...I can't get any more until next month..so, if I have enough I can order the $25 Amazon gift card instead.)

-To redeem: Click on "Redeem" at the top of the SB page, then "Swag Store". Now look on the left side for "Gift Cards". Scroll through until you see $5 Amazon Gift Card. When the page opens up, click "Snag This". You will then confirm your order.
-Make sure you VERIFY your order by checking your email!!!

Applying your gift card to your Amazon account:
-Amazon gift cards are not sent to your home. After about a week, you will receive an email letting you know that your card is ready. You will then log into your account and near the top click "My Account" then "My Gift Cards". You should now see your available gift cards. Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the code.
-Go to Amazon.com, login and click "Your Account" then look for "Apply a gift card to  your account". Then, paste (Ctrl+V) the code into the space provided. Submit the code and you should see your account balance updated!
On Swag Bucks: "My Gift Cards"
On Amazon:
Click "Your Account"

"Apply a Gift Card to Your Account"
After Applying the Gift Card

Swag Bucks Links:

Happy Swagging!!!

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