Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm pooped.

Thursday: broken arm/hospital/IV/meds/vomit
Friday: storms overnight/ hardly any sleep
Saturday: constantly reminding child to take it easy/ prop up that arm
Sunday: church/rain/ packing bags to go to storm shelter/ not making it to my brother's shelter before...tornado warning/bed at 3am
Monday: kids still get up at the buttcrack of dawn/mommy's up because I gotta feed them & they would otherwise destroy the house/no one naps/hubby goes to bed early...
Tuesday: child gets orange hard cast on broken arm/ baby girl doesn't want to go to bed
Wednesday: I'm pooped. I want a hot where a little boy or two doesn't decide he HAS to use the potty until I'm in there. He have another bathroom...why can't they ever go in there?...I want supper...but, I don't want to cook it. Lol.
Rant over. *sigh* feels better. Lol
P.s. I love my hubby! <3 He works hard so I can stay at home & tame the tornadoes we call our kiddos.


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