Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent drawings (Daryl Dixon, Kid Rock, Johnny Depp...)

Some of my recent drawings. Rather than get all of them back out, I'm sharing some of my Instagram photos.
Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus...Love TWD! Used pencil and charcoals.

Skull from my hubby's Kid Rock t-shirt. Pencil and sharpie.

WIP-My Kid Rock shirt using charcoals.

Finished with watercolors and watercolor pencils for the flag.

Kid Rock's American Badass Eagle in pencil and pen.

Kid Rock silhouette with song titles using sharpies.

Kid Rock quote. Sharpie and markers.

Skull in charcoals.

Finished skull, roses, and web in charcoal and sharpie.

Johnny Depp! Pencil and charcoal. (I use a photo on iPad for reference..saves printer ink)

Captain Jack Sparrow using a plain old pencil.

There are probably more drawings around here somewhere, I do so many it I'd hard to keep up with all of them.