Monday, January 16, 2012

Food Storage

We have been thinking a lot about food storage lately. I would really like to get started with storing all kinds of foods as well as other items. From what I am seeing, it's best to start out small and work on a 3 month supply of everything. So, I have written down a list of meals we eat often and now I'm going to figure out how much of each items required will be enough to reach the 3 month goal. I have also gotten the dehydrator out and dehydrated apples and carrots so far. Baby girl loves the carrots. I'm debating whether to dry some bananas today. And soon I plan to make a whole bunch of deer jerky. Yummmmm!

Here are a list of sites that I have found to have lots of great info:
Food Storage Made Easy
Preparedness Pantry
Back Door Survival

There are MANY more. Just google "food storage".

A great book I would recommend is One Second After.


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