Sunday, January 22, 2012

Storms...they're on the way...again.

Friday night/Saturday morning we had a line of storms go through. They ended up just being some crazy lightning and rain.
Fast forward to tonight/tomorrow morning...storms that are a lot worse are being predicted. The worst we've seen since April 27th of last year. They are saying it shouldn't be *that* bad, but it isn't expected to be pretty by any means. Where we live is in the area of highest threat. J-O-Y. (not)...
We have flashlight and other things at the ready incase we need to hunker down in our interior hallway. And if the storms coming out of Mississippi are pretty bad and are already producing the swirly-vortexes-of-death, then we will be heading (early) to my brother's house about 5 minutes away. He has a storm shelter. Yay!

Dr. Greg Forbes Tor:Con Index can be found here.
NOAA website here.

Saying a prayer that everyone will be safe tonight and tomorrow morning.

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