Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vampy French Nails V--V

Playing around with polishes today...
Wet ‘n Wild: Black Creme
Creative: #289 Royal Crime (under the holo polish)
KleanColor: #230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia (got this for $1 at the local monthly flea market)

W'nW: this is awesome. I can easily do only one coat and it covers so well! (You can tell I use it a lot...sticker is wearing off.)
KleanColor: Very pretty pink with holo (that is pink, orange, & yellow).
Creative: I've had this for a long while and it is more of a shimmery purple/red with coppery tones. Can't see it well in this pic though.

Look at the holo! Not the best shot...

This is better...See the pink/orange/yellow! Very pretty.

And you can also see the lumpiness from a smudge on my thumb. Grr. Guess I will be changing polish again tomorrow...

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