Tuesday, July 17, 2012

True Blood Season 5

Well into season 5, True Blood is definitely capturing my attention. There is so much going on in every episode that I have to watch it more than once.
~ Bill: What is up with him? He seems a little "off" this season. And I'm not talking about from all the crap he and Eric are going through with the Authority. It's like he has a hidden agenda....?
~ Hadley & Jason: So, Hadley is trying to make Jason (& Sookie) believe that Vamps killed their parents...Honestly, I think that the light-fingers blow that Jason & Andy took had something to do with Jason now beginning to make little anti-vamp comments. And the flashback with their parents on the bridge...hmm..could be anyone, really, at this point.
~ Alcide: He finally gets a chance with Sookie, and it's screwed up. Now, he is finally taking on the roll of pack master. The fight with the interim pack master should be good.
~ The Authority: Ok, sorry but this is kind of boring to me. Roman...just isn't capturing my attention. And with the most recent episode, he may have met the true death by Russel Edgington. However, Roman didn't burst into goo....and on IMBD it states he is in 11 episodes, I believe. So, unfortunately I don't believe he has met the true death just yet. And what is up with the tall black guy killing everyone on the bus?
~ Sookie: My goodness. She has cried in every episode thus far. Girl, get your crap together! She ruined it with Alcide by puking on him...not that Bill & Eric wouldn't have interrupted anyway. She is really getting on my nerves a bit more this season.
~Eric: We have learned he has a sister (by Godric) and cares for her. Then makes the statement that he will be at her execution or something like that. And with all kinds of other comments it makes you wonder where his allegiance really lies. He glamours Alcide & tells him to always look out for and protect Sookie...then, tells him she disgusts him romantically. I'm thinking Eric still cares for Sookie...in his own way. Maybe we haven't seen the last of them together. But, if they are eventually together I really hope it's a lot better than last time. Remember the snow scene..yeah, that royally sucked. Lots of people that read the book were hoping for more along the lines of the shower scene from book 4. Alan sure knows how to make us happy & piss us off at the same time.
~Jessica, Tara & Hoyt: I never cared for the old Tara. Now, Tara as a vamp is beginning to grow on me...a little. Jessica wanted to be vbf's but, after the scene with Hoyt...ain't going to happen. I think Hoyt was right when he told Jess that she still has feelings for him. She just doesn't want to admit it. And now poor Hoyt has been abducted by the shifter-killers...they even called him by name when they killed the vamp that was feeding on him.
~Pam: I love that she is a maker now and owns Fangtasia. I think she could be a bit nicer to Tara but hey, that's why I love Pam. She says what she wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Plus, she never has a  bad clothes day ...unless you count the sweatsuit she wore when turning Tara. I really hope she & Eric come back together. They have such great chemistry on screen.
~Layfatette: Love him. But, where the heck is Jesus? I'm thinking Jesus' grandfather knows where the body is...and I think the Bruho demon thingy may have had something to do with the disappearance as well. LaLa had seemed more worried about Debby Pelt than finding Jesus' body. Now, after seeing Jesus' head with his lips sewn together, maybe he will start trying to find answers. And he really needs to learn to control the demon (ex: Sookie's car and the bleach in the food). Oh, and love LaLa's mom. She is hilarious.
~Arlene & Terry: After all they have both been through, they deserve to be happy. But, in AB's world of TB, no one can be happy for long. I don't really care for the Ifrit smoke monster storyline. It just takes away from other scenes we could have...unless they tie it in with something else..which I doubt will happen. Anyway, I'm hoping they figure out a way to break the curse and Terry can come back to Arlene...and we can have longer scenes with the vamps.
~Sam, Luna, & Emma: What the crap! Someone is killing shifters. The guy that owns the anti-vamp store is definitely up to no good. He is obviously a part of this whole thing. But, Sheriff Andy won't be able to question him because Sam shot him. Andy thinks Sam saved his life, but..duh..the guy was actually going to shoot Sam. I hope they find these guys quickly. Luna is growing on me. And Emma..how cute is she as a wolf pup?

Ok, so I put together a list of links that I found and have been reading lately.

So, what do you think of the season so far? What do you not like? What would you change if you could?


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