Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summertime: Kids & Doggies!

My silly boys eating watermelon.

Peyton's first watermelon! Mmmmm. She kept saying "more!".

I told Bristol to "smile" & this is what she did! :-)

We had a German shepherd show up a week ago & have been having a hard time finding him a home. No one has come around looking for him. He's a good dog, just...we don't need another pet right now. "Bear" is a big hungry boy and eats a lot. My friends have been awesome with dropping off some food & sending donations to buy more. (Love you guys!) We really want to find him a forever home rather than just dumping him at a shelter. The local PAWS is not taking in animals right now. And we are NOT taking him to the shelter/pound. "Bear" loves going for walks (walks great on a leash), riding in the car, and playing fetch. He is a big baby, but he hates swingsets. You can touch the swing and he is fine, but if you sit in the seat & start swinging, he has a fit. Other than that, he's calm. So, we are looking to find a couple without kids to take him in. However, he does well with our kids, they just don't swing when he's out back.


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