Monday, September 12, 2011

Tennessee Volunteers Beanie

Hubby's new knitted Tennessee beanie. It's my first knitted beanie (that's not on a loom)...I think it turned out okay. The "T" puckered. Got to work on color changing that doesn't happen all the way around...if that makes sense. However, the tiny checkerboard pattern towards the top was a piece of cake! Loved doing that part. It's also a tad smaller than a normal sized adult beanies b/c my hubby has a bit smaller noggin.
He seems to like it, even with the obvious flaws that bug me. He is so sweet! lol
I'm sure I will be making 2-3 more for the kids soon. I'm already working on the next beanie though. It is black, white, and orange...kind of Tennessee/Halloween colors I guess.

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