Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bear the German Shepherd

An update on Bear, the German Shepherd...
Last Saturday, a guy was supposed to drive 2 hours to pick Bear up & keep him until his friend from Atlanta could get him. He never showed up. Didn't call or anything.
This lady would have been perfect for him. She used to train dogs for the military. Bear is definitely trainable. We have worked on "sit" with him & he did pretty well.

So, I guess we are back at square one with finding him a forever home. The local PAWS & low-kill shelters are, we don't want to add to their count. When my husband was walking Bear, a random neighbor tried to offer to pay for some of his food...because the thinks it's a nice thing we are trying to do. There are still nice, helpful, generous people out there.

Anyone want a German Shepherd? He is walked everyday and likes riding in cars.


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