Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday DIY: Mason Jar Solar Lanterns

We have a few solar lights from the front yard that have seen better days. The solar part still worked fine so we didn't want to throw them away. Of course, I have seen the pins on Pinterest using lights and mason jars. So, I figured why not make some
mason jar lanterns.

The lids of the solar lights were too big so we pretty much cut everything away except for the solar panel, LED light, and backup battery part. We also cut a hole into the mason jar lid. Then, we stuffed the solar panel & battery part (with a battery inside) into the lid of the jar. The solar panel didn't sit flush with the jar lid, so to keep it in place I took black electrical tape and put it around the top and sides of the lid..making sure not to cover the solar panels.

Then, to be able to carry it or hang on a hook, I did a search and came across this tutorial for adding the wire to it. Very helpful.

So far, we have made two lanterns and plan to make more soon.


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