Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorite: iPad Apps

Here are some of my favorite iPad apps.

Hope these links work!
DirecTV- Awesome app. I can set the dvr to record from my iPad. Also, you can change the channel from it. You can watch tv in the app as well.
BlogPress-This is how I update my blog sometimes...if its just a quick post.
Google+- See your circles and streams.
The Weather Channel- You can add multiple cities to follow.
Kindle- Currently re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) books.
Pinterest- need I say more?
Noterize- I love this. I can download knitting patterns to this app and as I complete a row, I can highlight it. You can also write and make other kinds of notes directly on the page.I couldn't find the link online. Just go to the store and do a search.
Netflix-Great for lying in bed and watching tv shows/movies when hubby is watching something else on the tv.
Khan Academy-here and here
PS Express- simple photoshop app that allows basic editing of photos.
Get Glue- This app lets me check into tv shows/movies/topics/games, etc and earn virtual stickers & can request real ones once a month.
The Sims Freeplay- For some reason I like this app and play it often. They just recently added the ability for Sims to get married and have a baby!

What are your favorite iPad/iPhone apps???


  1. I guess this splains where you've beeen Lucy!
    Signed, Ethel

  2. Lol, I've been on there reading posts but haven't commented. It's been warm & we have been outside a lot.