Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let the organization begin!

Purchase from Amazon!
I purchased this book yesterday. (Clicking the photo will send you to Amazon. If you purchase this book, I receive a small amount of the sale)
 There wasn't much to choose from but, I like this book so far. It is broken down into sections of the house (kitchen, closets, living room,etc). The book has 317 tips to help you get organized. It also has 2 pages of all kinds of stickers to mark pages and ideas that you like to help you plan.
-Ever wondered how to fold a fitted sheet? Photo instructions are inside!
-Have to drag every pot & pan out to get to the cookie sheets on the bottom? Stacey has a great idea for vertical storage!
-Need to tackle the piles of random papers/tax papers? There's a whole section for them!

I also purchased a 2012 planner. This one is by Avalanche (Perfect Timing, Inc.) and includes:
-2012-2013 Holidays and calendars at a glance.
-Pages for birthdays, anniversary's, addresses, babysitters, restaurants, services, emergency contacts, and notes.
-A pocket in the front cover.
-Each week is divided by days and has a space for daily activities. The outside edge of the pages are perforated. Why? Because on the right side, you write out your menu for the week. On the left side is a grocery list where you will list everything you need for the weeks meals. You then tear this off and take it with you! There is also a 'To Do' section.

-In the back are two pages of stickers. One page is for school related activities: field trip, first day of school, practice, games, etc. The 2nd page has stickers like: dinner date, vet, doctor visit, vacation, haircut, party, dentist, etc.
I can already tell I am going to like this one a lot more than just those basic planners.


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