Thursday, October 6, 2011

True Blood Swap

So, I am participating in the TB swap on Ravelry. I cannot wait to see who has me as their stalkee...errr...swapee!
We had to fill out a survey so our swapee would know about us and know what kinds of things we like...who's team we are on (Eric!/Bill/Alcide/etc). I thought I would post a few more tidbits about myself here to help them out...if they read this, that is. (will keep adding as I think of stuff)

~I love to read. Bookmarks would be great.
~Love coffee. Starbucks is yummy. So is hot chocolate
~Love cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking...all when I get the chance of course.
~Three kids. 5,3,1...We homeschool.
~We have a tuxedo kitty: Gizmo. A border collie: Bristol Talladega, 2birds: Smokey & Chattanooga.
~NASCAR fans here! Go #11 Denny Hamlin & #88 Dale Jr. #18 is my sons favorite.
~Tennessee Vols fans! Kids middle names are Tennessee, Knoxville, & Memphis!
~I love anything that has skulls on, shirts, scarves, purses, etc.
~Candles make me happy. Vanilla is #1 favorite scent..along with Christmas cookie.
~I mainly crocheted up until recently. Knitting is more my thing now. Could always use some circulars or dpns in any size.
~I love to draw. I'm always doodling on something.
TB Merchandise:
~Mug/Glasses (I have 2 Merlotte's glasses, but will welcome more.)
~Shirt...Fangtasia...but Merlotte's or just a TB shirt would be awesome.
~Totally need season 3, but that's a long shot unless you find it on extreme clearance lol.
~I haven't read Dead Reckoning. (I have Dead in the Family on hard copy. Would love the other books as well.)
Etsy: I know some of these are higher priced, but I would take a homemade-by-you knockoff if it was doable!
Vampire Fangs Teeth Earrings Monster True Blood
TRUE BLOOD Fangtasia Life Begins at Night Cell Phone Charm
Tattoo Heart Hair Clips True Blood
Bloody Vampire Bite - A Soft, Handmade Wool Scarf - Inspired by Vampire Folklore and The TV Series True Blood - CUSTOM ORDER
True Blood Hair Bow
True Blood Luminary Lamp Night Light (version2)


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