Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tennessee/Halloween Beanie

I'm not great at writing patterns, but hopefully this will make sense. It's pretty basic, so here goes...

Size 8 circular and dpn's
Caron Simply Soft in orange, white, and black.

*Using black,CO 80 (adult) onto circular. Remember to place stitch marker to mark beginning stitch.
*K2, P2 ribbing for about an inch.
*K around for 5 rnds.
*Join Orange and K for 5 rnds.
*Join White and K for 5 rnds.
*Repeat black, orange, white again (5 rnds each color).
*Join Black and K until about 6.5 inches (hubby likes them a little longer)
Now I began my decreasing.
* (K2tog, K 8) around
* K around
* (K2tog, K 7) around
* K around
* (K2tog, K6) around
* K around
* (K2tog, K5) around
* K around
* (K2tog, K4) around
* K around
* (K2tog, K3) around
* K around
* (k2tog, K2) around
* K around
* (K2tog, K1) around
* K around
* (K2tog) around
Cut yarn and thread large eyed needle. Put needle through Remaining loops and pull tight.


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