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I know I have posted a link for SwagBucks before but I am going to again...only because I really do like it. I have gotten about $30 in Amazon Giftcards and a few other things from the Swag Store. They also have LOTS of other things to "buy" with your SBs...They even have Gaming consoles and TVs...but they are a LOT of bucks.

How SB works is you sign up and download the SB toolbar. You dont have to but, you do get 1 SB each day for having it! You then use the toolbar for all of your internet searches (instead of going to google, etc). You dont get SBs for every search. Say if you did 5 searches one day, you might get SBs for two of those searches. And they usually range from 5-12 SBs. However, sometimes it could be 50!

You also get 1SB a day for each of the following: Daily Poll, NOSO, and Trusted Surveys. All of these can be found by clicking "Earn" at the top of the page.

Trusted Surveys can be usually 30-200SBs. You get the SBs for qualifying and completing them. If a survey has been filled (had the required # of people take it) then you will get a SwagStakes entry. This means you're in the running for 1,000 SB usually.

Games are new at SwagBucks. I have played a few of them. It seems that after you play a few games you will earn 2sb.

SBtv is where you can watch all kinds of videos. Food, animals, technology, celebrities, etc. They have been messing with this feature a lot lately...When you fill up the percentage bar to 100%, you get 5 SB. This is allowed 15x a day for 75 SB total a day!

They also do daily codes you can enter for extra SBs. Sometimes you have to search for the code and sometimes they just tell you what it is.

So, I definitely recommend this site. I am using my Amazon giftcards to buy Homeschooling supplies like books, cd roms, etc for my kids!!!
Sign up today!!! You get 30 sb just for joining!

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