Monday, November 8, 2010

Knitted cozy

I came up with this because I felt like knitting and wanted something easy.
It is Caron Rhapsody in an olive color. Size 8 bamboo straights. (I Didn't feel like working on dpns.)

C.O.36. And did a 3x3 rib for 3 rows. Then, I knitted each row until it was almost the size I wanted. I then did 3 rows of 3x3 rib again.
Next was a purl row and then the decreasing.
*k4, K2tog* rpt across.
*K Across
*k3, k2tog* rpt across
*k across
*k2, k2tog* rpt across
*k across
*k1, k2tog* rpt across
*k across
*k2tog* across.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing. Thread needle and then thread thru remaining loops on knitting needle. Pull tight and then work across the bottom and up the side sewing the two sides together. F.O. And weave in ends.

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